Quick Muscle Building Tips For Best Results!


Want to learn top muscle building tips to gain lean muscle mass quick? We’re discussing ways that can ensure quality results within a short time.

1 High Calories = Anabolic State

The biggest mistake most bodybuilders make is consuming sufficient protein but not eating sufficient calories per day. It’s a fact that body needs protein to grow and this is true. However, sufficient protein supply may not always entail growth. You should also consume sufficient calories.

The best way to understand your daily calorie requirement is to multiply your bodyweight by 10 or 12 depending on your shape. Then simply add 1200-1600 calories per day.
One of the best muscle building tips is to eat small meals every hour and a half. Your daily caloric intake should always be greater than daily caloric expenditure.

Eat Plenty Of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate is necessary to fuel workouts. It is stored as glycogen, so your aim should be to somehow super saturate your body’s glycogen levels so that your body never taps its protein reserves for energy production.

The higher the carbohydrate levels in the body, the more likely you will remain in a perfect anabolic environment. Carbohydrates also play a big role in insulin release. It promotes protein synthesis, gluconeogenesis, and the formation of adipocytes.

Eat Plenty Of Protein

You know muscle is protein and protein is actually composed of amino acids. It’s not possible to build big muscle without an adequate supply of protein.  It’s important to eat one to two grams protein per pound of bodyweight. For instance, if you weigh 200lbs, you would need 200 grams of protein per day. The easiest way to do this is to break the protein supply into smaller servings throughout the day for a much better absorption and assimilation. Include things like chicken, beef, whey, fish, and egg whites.

Eat Multiple Meals

Since you are now consuming 5000 calories a day, your next bet should be to take at least 6-7 meals a day. Although this may seem like a lot, it’s not so. Do your maths, then each of your meal will consist of about 700 calories. This is not a lot. Although this will take a lot of discipline, eating smaller and more frequent meals will definitely pay off in the end.
Eating frequent food will increase blood glucose levels, and will facilitate the release of insulin. Insulin is the body’s most anabolic hormone. Higher insulin levels mean, better muscle structure of the body.

Eat A Nice Preworkout Meal

Before each workout take a meal consisting of many high quality slow burning carbohydrates such as rice and pasta. Slow burning carbs need much longer time to convert to glucose thus keeping blood sugar levels consistent. This will prevent energy crash allowing you to train longer and much harder.

Use legal steroids to accompany your workout

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Consume A Good Quality Postworkout Meal

The meal right after your training should be high in fast burning protein and carbs. This could be protein shake couple with some kind of sugar. For an average person, a 50gm protein shake and about 70gm carbs is sufficient. Just make sure you don’t waste any time and quickly take your drinks as soon as you finish training.

Drink Plenty of Water

One of the easiest muscle building tips is to take adequate amount of water. This is a no-brainer since body comprises about 70 percent of water and if you are dehydrated, your actual muscle size will decrease.

Use Supplements

If you can afford supplements, take them. There are different types of protein powders, glutamine, creatine, multi-vitamins and protein powders.


Once you finish your workouts, it’s best to take some rest to ensure recovery time for muscles to grow bigger and stronger so that they can be broken down again

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